Vision, Mission, Values

Allavida seeks to create an operating culture based on open and honest dialogue, team-working and collective decision-making. We value the knowledge and experience of our colleagues and institutional allies around the world and seek always to ensure that their voice is heard in our decision-making processes. We seek always to be flexible and adaptable, responding quickly to changing circumstances and learning from practice. We will make every effort to capture what we learn, both what works and what doesn\'t, to enhance our own knowledge and understanding, and to share this with others. Allavida‚Äôs mission is to transform the practice and outcomes of development funding, grant making and philanthropy in Africa. We want to see development practice that: Makes people aware of their rights and equips them with skills, knowledge and confidence to advocate for those rights; Invests in the range of natural, cultural, social and human assets that exist in communities and helps people own and control those assets; Encourages cooperation and networking between local groups in order to build solidarity and share learning, to influence policy, and ensure that accountability in development is driven by the experience of people not the needs of funders.