Our Mission

Allavida’s mission is to transform the practice and outcomes of development funding, grantmaking and philanthropy in low and middle-income countries around the world.

We want to see development practice that:

  • Makes people aware of their rights and equips them with skills, knowledge and confidence to advocate for those rights;
  • Invests in the range of natural, cultural, social and human assets that exist in communities and helps people own and control those assets;
  • Encourages cooperation and networking between local groups in order to build solidarity and share learning, to influence policy, and ensure that accountability in development is driven by the experience of people not the needs of funders.

We want to see a new mix of development funding, philanthropy and social investment that:

  • Invests in long-term processes of change rather than short-term projects, addressing causes of poverty and marginalization rather than treating symptoms;
  • Recognizes the unique role of philanthropy in stimulating change through seed-funding and capacity building, and in creating foundations on which social and commercial investors can build;
  • Supports people as the active drivers of change, building on and creating assets that can truly transform livelihoods and opportunities.
  • Encourages active citizenship, including citizens and elected authorities actively working together to promote human rights and develop their communities.
  • Works on the basis of solidarity rather than sympathy.